Digital talents – those Millennials digital skilled with the future competences – are required in every company today that, at today, wants to keep up with the times and understands that skills are the key to success.

First of all, we need to better understand who they are and how to attract them in order to make them decide to stay in the country (check out the study: Digital talents, who they are and what they want). Mobility is an extremely important factor for people with digital skills and in most cases they would be ready to move to get better conditions.

What shall companies do to attract digital skilled?

For companies, first of all, it is a question of understanding the real internal missing skills and which are already strong enough. First of all, we need to understand which digital skills employees have, allowing them to express (even through tests) their real abilities. Once this step has clarified the real business needs, vacant positions can be filled through the training and/or conversion of employees’ digital skills.

The subsequent staff search will thus be focused on finding that exact missing figure. In any case, digital talent should be attracted by the company. Because digital skills are often far from sales optics, there should be bonuses focused on other aspects. A great bonus could come from sharing their knowledge or teaching to their colleagues.

Another important aspect for digital skilled is continuing training. More than other aspects, being constantly updated is necessary for them. Therefore, there should be continuous promotion of workshops and seminars, but also assign these people to short-term projects, where they can learn a lot and in a short time.


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