It happens more and more frequently to see in cities people moving with e-scooters, hoverboards, e-bikes or even skateboards. They are all part of the “micromobility” category, and this is a proper revolution in urban transport. (If you would like to deepen the New Mobility topic, click here)

Micromobility Business opportunities

These alternative means of transport are rapidly spreading in big cities and several corporates already seized the opportunities f this new business: the market is estimated to reach 24.3 billion dollars globally by 2025.

In Italy as well the business seems to have huge potential, confirmed by a YouGov research which highlights that 58% of Italians is interested in trying the e-scooters and 38% would consider using it in the next future.

The main driver for people to want to use them is the ability to move faster; this is followed by 50% of users who consider them “green” which means less pollution, as they replace the use of the car. (attention to sustainability is shared even with drivers in the automotive field, here you may find interesting data about it

Legal aspects and e-scooters perception

Despite the general potential, the current legislation is not clear about the topic. There are countries where the use of micromobility devices is completely forbidden, while in others they are allowed only to privates and there is no space to e-scooter sharing. At the same time, most of the citizens (67%) claim specific laws, even concerning the use of helmets.

On top of the legal aspects, there is the collective perception towards these means of transport still so little-known; in fact, 35% of the Italians consider these means of transport as dangerous. Furthermore, 63% of the interviewed is afraid of vandalism.


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