The United Arab Emirates, always an oasis in the desert for many corporates, at the verge of Expo 2020 are one of the best countries in the World where to invest. At today, Dubai is already headquarter of some huge international businesses, with players from all over the world. 

For an entrepreneur Dubai today means being present at the origin of global trade agreements but, mostly, it implies being at the doors of a wider market: the Middle East and Indian ones, with a catchment of potential customers of over a billion people with ever increasing purchasing power. 

These important results have been confirmed even by the IMD business School, which, for many years, has been publishing a ranking about countries competitiveness, based on factors like: 

  • Economic performance
  • Government efficiency
  • Market efficiency
  • Infrastructures

From 2018 to 2019 the United Emirates raised to the fourth position worldwide (preceded by Singapore, Hong Kong and USA). The best results come from the ease of opening, starting and running a business, legal certainty, bureaucratic compliances and accessibility.

The country’s business efficiency, based on the data, seems to be destined to grow in the next years. Furthermore, in the Emirates there are special diversified areas, allowing to tangle between legislation, business purposes and bank support. All this turns Dubai into a place to rely for those companies willing to open up to global trades. 

For the mechanical industry, the Emirates mean an open market, accessible and easy to reach; infrastructures are more and more efficient and, mostly, the Value Added tax is 5%.


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