Dubai Airport is the third busiest airport in the world (check out the report by Airports Council International -> here) but, mostly, is the one where the presence of Artificial Intelligence is leader. In UAE the government, together with the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence are indeed giving priority to the new Artificial intelligence technologies, developing new AI tools.

Here are the areas in Dubai Airport where Artificial Intelligence is implemented

AI Baggage Handling

As per reported by Emirates, robots should be handling baggage service, without humans need: they could recognize the bags and stow them, as well as removing luggage from an aircraft hold.

AI Customs Officials

By 2020 immigration officers will no longer be required at Dubaj airport, as they will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. People will just walk through an AI-powered security system that will scan them without taking off shoes and belts.

Automated Vehicles for DXB

Dubai Airport daily operations will increase their efficiency through new self-driving cars powered by AI, 100% electrical or solar. Therefore, the handling between the ground transportation and the aircrafts will be easier and faster.

Staff Clearance at the new Dubai Airport

In several safety breach cases in airports the staff was involved. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence will be in use even to grant the safety of passengers by checking the staff behavior. AI will be able to check staff entrances with biometrics and facial recognition. Moreover, a special AI algorithm could look for changes in personnel behavior that might indicate a security problem.

Indeed, the new Dubai Airport and, in general, the UAE are a country at the forefront, ready to host the EXPO 2020. Are you curious about the potential? Here is the article for you:

Investing in the United Arab Emirates on the verge of Expo 2020


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