Many nations across the world are trying to take part to the AI global competition, as they understood how this is important to be competitive. It is now clear that AI and technology are key factors to increase productivity, Improve national security and life in general.

In this AI global race at the moment three areas are leading: USA, China and EU. Currently, the competition is dominated by the USA, closely followed by China and, further behind, the EU.

The USA lead the AI global competition for several reasons

First of all, USA have the highest number of AI start-ups, as they were financed by private equity; second, despite producing less AI scholar papers, they are the highest quality ones. Even the American talents are less, but with a strong knowledge. Furthermore, they are leaders in the production of traditional semiconductors and chips for AI power systems.

China is close behind USA

While USA lead the AI global competition, China is close behind and is quickly reducing the gap. The biggest China’s advantage, is the access to data; this is very important, as the AI systems require large datasets to train their models at best. Nevertheless, China has a lower number of AI talents, but this did not prevent the development. The country is therefore investing in education on one hand; on the other, Chinese are able to quickly translate and adopt English papers, thus reducing their gaps quickly.

European Union has talents, but not adopted

Indeed, EU has talents to compete with China and even USA. There are more researchers than anywhere else, and they produce several papers; nevertheless, they are disconnected to AI commercial adoption, meaning that research is not funded (neither by private equity nor public research). This lack in investments into AI studies makes the EU position not safe; furthermore, European Union is not able to enjoy the AI benefits, both economic and social.


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