Mechatronics and digital transformation can become a winning asset able to turn mechanical industry into an innovative and highly competitive sector.

In order to understand the national relevance of mechatronics, it is enough to check the data: from 2013 to 2017 Italian export rose by 19.7% (data by Antares); in the meantime, the incidence on the national GDP in 2018 was 16.3%. (to further compare export and forecasts, click here)

Mechatronics and digitalization are now inextricably linked, since digital is now present at every stage of the production process; Moreover, mechatronics is a sector that was born with characteristics of interdisciplinary and transversality, as it is a transformation of traditional mechanics.

Design and commissioning become digital

The mechatronic design, thanks to digital, can now obtain systems that can complete the virtualization of every project before realizing; it can therefore be simulated, as well as analyze and verify the performance before the validation of a project, thus obtaining better results. Therefore, the new borders are virtual simulation and virtual commissioning. Thanks to these new forms of testing, it becomes possible to understand which are the best software to adopt and above all bring real added value to the final product; in fact, production waste can be minimized upstream and efficiency maximized, as well as maintenance control.

Mechatronic sector is destined to grow thanks to the digital enabling technologies and 4.0 industry, but even thanks to Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and modern cloud systems, neural networks and digital twin.


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