Black Friday, one of the most important shopping moments followed by Cyber Monday; mostly known as BFCM, these are some of the days with the highest sales volumes of the year. Sales explode, supported by great discounts and the upcoming Christmas time. Nevertheless, a B2B corporate mostly considers Black Friday too far from its market; at the same time, employees only wait for a break to check out with all the presents already in the cart.

Let’s reverse this trend, Black Friday can be a valid marketing tool for B2B!

We will try to dispel this myth, to decide to try (even a little?) to implement an ad hoc B2B campaign for companies more distant from B2C sales techniques. It is not necessary to have an approach like that of the world of e-commerce B2C in order to succeed to realize a campaign for the BFCM in the world of the B2B. Forget about Amazon’s rules and focus on your existing customers.

Which are the main advantages of marketing campaign linked to BFCM for B2B?

Before trying to understand how to implement this kind of promotions, first of all it is good to understand how many and which are the real advantages; here is a small list:

  • In the B2B world there are not so many corporates that implemented this strategy. This is often due to a scarse knowledge of the trends, or because there are not enough competences on how to do it. Here is why, deciding to implement a Black Friday campaign you immediately turn into unique and visible; it is huge competitive advantage, as there is almost no competition, and it will be easier to become leader in your market niche.
  • Encourages customers to close a commercial agreement more quickly. What makes these two days of shopping unique is the limited time available. The idea of having to take advantage of an unmissable offer is certainly a way to encourage users to proceed with the purchase. In the same way, trade negotiations often take a very long time; and with longer times, there are risks to get much less time for production and delivery. On the contrary, offering favourable terms to your client to close the deal by November 29th will support in speeding up the process.
  • The customer will perceive you as reliable, forward-looking and up to date, trusting you. As few implement this sales technique, applying it will make you more interesting in the eyes of the customers who, confident of being able to obtain advantageous terms, will tend to increasingly rely on you, creating a solid relationship over time.

Special advantage for B2B employees

  • It generates enthusiasm among the team. The idea of closing more deals, or of greater value, is always a reason for enthusiasm in every department. At the same time, if you decide not to participate in Black Friday in an active way, you could give Friday afternoon of November 29 free to employees. Almost everyone will be distracted thinking about shopping and the idea instead of being free for an afternoon to devote to Christmas shopping is definitely an excellent way to increase the productivity of employees during the week.

How does Black Friday work in B2B Companies?

After having analyzed the main pros, let’s focus on some ideas to concretely realize the  BFCM in a company.

First of all, it is good to start with the companies with which you already have business relations. Solicit on-going bids by offering a larger quantity at the same price, or a discount on the total, or the offer the shipment charges. You should not think that in this way profit is lost, as even a small discount is enough but that it remains imprinted in the memory of the customer.

  • Insert a banner or a link in every email, so that all your contacts see it and can also write directly to you.
  • Use Google Ads or Facebook Advertising to promote your campaign, focusing on your target market.
  • Pay special attention to Linkedin, where your audience is more targeted and it will therefore be easier to directly get in touch to discover what they really require.

Every company, following its general strategy, could then focus on different promotions, from discounts to related services offered (check out here the servitization), the only thing to do is change your vision of Black Friday, from B2C mass event to an opportunity dedicated even to your B2B customers.

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