The production of agricultural machinery in Italy is worth about 8 billion euros, despite the stagnation affecting other sectors, there is a certain growth, even if slow. In particular, what most influences the agricultural machinery sector is the 4.0 innovation.

Data about the production of agricultural machinery in Italy in the 2019 first 2 quarters

The production of Italian agricultural machinery reaches 7.9 billion euros, increasing by +1.5%; further to these, we add the compartments of components (about 2.7 billion) and gardening (estimated 800 million euros). Therefore, the value of production should have reached a total of 11,4 billion in the first half of 2019.

Sales and registrations of agricultural machinery “made in Italy” till June 2019

During the first half of 2019 agricultural machines sales reach good results in the United States and Europe: in the USA registration rose up by 13% (128000 units), while in the EU growth signed + 4% (96000 units), led by France, Germany and Spain.

Outside the EU, there is a slight increase in registrations in Russia and Japan; however, exports are strongly affected by the slowdown in India, with sales down by just 11%, and in Turkey, which declined by -59% in the first six months of 2019.

According to the recent data shared by FederUnacoma (National Federation of Machinery Manufacturers for Agriculture) also the Italian national market faces a decline in registrations, and this is mainly due to the phenomenon of second hand market: the first 6 months of 2019 recorded more sales of second hand “made in Italy” than the whole 2018.

Forecasts for the Italian agricultural machinery between 2019-2021

In addition to the recorded data, the forecast for the three-year period 2019-2021 see the growth of registrations in the Mediterranean area countries. In particular, the market is expected to grow in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia. Furthermore, Turkey and Iran, which are currently in economic crisis, could be interesting for Italian export.

The latest 4.0 innovations in agricultural machinery production

The agricultural machines of the future will have to be silent, manageable and eco-friendly. Therefore, the electric motors are the keystone of the agricultural future: the increase in the first months of 2019, in fact, has been of +90%. The attention derives both from the construction of machinery but also for gardening and automotive.

Moreover, thanks to the Internet of Things it is always easier to store data from sensors installed both on the machines and in the ground, so as to combine them to improve crops. The TIM technology (Tractor Implement Management) also uses the IoT; in this case, it is a system that allows to signal the operator of the anomalies, so as to intervene directly, even on several connected machines.

In dials, the 4.0 Agriculture touches globally 7 billion Dollars and, in Italy, it is worth around 370 and 430 million euros.

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