Analysis of machine tools sales in 2018: request rises in Europe

Machine tools made in Europe lead the sales worldwide; in 2018, the market reached 27.5 billion Euros. Of those, export accounted for 21.7 billions, thus employing over 147,000 people throughout Europe (data shared by Cecimo)

For 2018, machine tools sales were mostly directed towards:

  • China (25.7%)
  • USA (18.3%)
  • Mexico (4.7%)
  • Russia (4.6%)

Within the EU, consumption of machine tools rose by 11.8%, with a total value of 18 billions, gone up by 5% compared to 2017.

European market share is 35%, with a global production increased by 1%; total production value was, in 2018, 79.7 billions.

Despite the 2018 data were positive, the first months of 2019 have been quite stable, with 1% growth. Strong impact is due to the slowdown of countries like China, Brazil, Canada and Turkey, besides the geopolitical uncertainties at European level, and the global economical stagnation.

Nevertheless, even considering the slowdown of the current year, forecasts highlight a recovery for 2020, with an increase of the total consumption of +3.5%.


CECIMO, since the ’50s, has been dealing with European corporates producing machinery tools and mechanicals, focusing on strategies to boost the competitiveness at global level. In addition, in order to provide greater protection for businesses, it is responsible for verifying the relevant legislation in the sector, as well as for procuring finance and preparing competent staff, which, nowadays, has great impact on the future of industrial strategy in the long term.


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