Transmission systems, Italian companies exceed 7.3 billion revenues

The field of Assiot, that is the producers of transmission systems movement and power can be satisfied from the achieved economic results; in fact, from the data published by assiot, it seems that the section has a turnover of beyond 7,3 billion euros. This figure indicates an increase of +11% over the year before.

Where do the best results come from?

First of all, we need to take into account the Italian skills in this sector, of which it is one of the world leaders, very close to Germany also with regard to the applied innovative technologies.

Besides this, it is fundamental to note the good result of the export, that it is worth 60% of the total of the section. Moreover, if indirect exports are also considered, the figure rises to 80%, with a positive trade balance in each country.

Also the domestic market has given good results, in fact, the sales have gone up of +10.6%.

In terms of products, the growing demand for Made in Italy transmission systems is distributed as follows:
  • bearings (+15%)
  • transmission elements (+12.3%)
  • mechanical transmissions (+9.3%)
  • gears (+7.6)

Transmission system Italian import

Even if the results on the domestic demand side have been good, a share of imports for the same products remains stable, reaching a share of more than 2.5 billion euro last year.

The countries from which most of the transmission hardware comes are Germany, France and, out of Europe, China.

About Assiot

Assiot represents the manufacturers of motion and power transmission systems in Italy. There are more than 300 companies in the sector, which are joined by micro-companies, with a total employment of about 27,000 people.

AssiotIn this context assiot represents about 15 thousand of the total employed; click here to know all the associated companies, about 70% of the total of the national producers.

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