Assofluid, a trade association that in Italy represents the sector of producers and operators in the hydraulic and pneumatic sector, presents data and forecasts of turnover and employment for the recent period.

The importance of Fluid Power for employment in Italy

In Italy there are 24,767 employees, 18,383 of them in the hydraulic sector and 6,384 in the pneumatic sector. The occupation is gone up of +5% in 2018 and, second to the survey carried out from the association, the occupation would have to remain stable also in the next period.

Naturally, also the (not counted) induced produces remarkable occupation; in fact, they consider also all the companies that take care of assembly of the componentistica or the distributors, scattered all over Italy.

Hydraulic production and price trends

Although the sector suffered a lot from the global crisis of 2009, the recovery for the sector was remarkable, with production in 2018 reaching remarkable levels, exceeding the maxima reached in the pre-crisis period.

Nevertheless, 2019 was a year of greater uncertainty, also due to the unstable political situation in Italy, the producers consider that prices should remain broadly stable. Indeed, both the prices of raw materials and the products on sale remained substantially unchanged throughout the year.

Short term forecasts by hydraulic producers

Regarding the short term, and therefore the first half of 2020, the producers are substantially inclined to have a cautious attitude: their forecasts, in fact, see for the majority the stable turnover and the amount of orders.

What everyone agrees on is continuous investment, both in terms of innovation and material.

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About Assofluid

assofluid-logoAssofluid is an association with more than 50 years of history, born in 1968. Since then, where there were 13 founding companies, the association has expanded, up to 180 today, representing more than 70% of Italian companies in the sector.

Its main objectives have always been the search for continuous solutions to the technical, economic and legislative problems of its members; it also seeks to develop and promote knowledge and training, so that companies can remain up-to-date and able to compete in the global market.

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