It seems that the world of e-commerce is growing very quickly, with excellent results even for the Made in Italy.

E-commerce in Italy: 35.65 billion turnover in 2019

From a recent study published by SAP  e-commerce report: Italy 2019 in Italy the world of e-commerce generates more and more revenue, with a value of 35.65 billion in 2019; the figure grew by 2.01% compared to 2018.

Especially in B2C, customers reward above all a positive and well integrated experience economy between physical store, brand channels and the experience of buying on the platform, which must be fast and valuable.

Export through e-commerce: 12 billion

The Made in Italy like so much to foreigners, who in 2019 purchased, through e-commerce, for a value of 11.8 billion. The increase compared to 2018 is +15%.

As for the B2B sector, on the other hand, exports via digital platforms reached 134 billion, or almost 30% of total exports.

The sectors most involved in this trend are:

  • fashion
  • food & beverage
  • furnishing

Given the growing international competition the choice of betting on e-commerce to sell more easily around the world could be the winning one.

Even in this period of deep crisis the turning point is possible, but we need a focus on investments in digital technologies.

About 88% of companies in Italy take advantage of digital marketing, especially through social media and online advertising campaigns. Sales, on the other hand, account for about 40% of the business.

Where does the B2B export go to?

For most companies that also rely on the web to export European countries are the first destination, although the United States are the main buyers in terms of value.

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