The company Moreali Mario was set up as an artisan company in 1950, in Reggio Emilia.
Thanks to its adaptability and to its steadfast will to overcome the challenges presented by the market and by the technology innovation, the Company has evolved, over time, into a modern, flexible and automated firm, thus becoming Ingranaggi Moreali Mario S.p.A.
Thanks to its extensive experience, the continuous improvement and the highly skilled staff, Ingranaggi Moreali Mario S.p.A. is able to respond to the most complex and specific demands of the market and of its customers.
The company is specialized in manufacturing gears according to customer’s drawings: spur gears (both shaved and grinded), spiral bevel gear sets with Gleason cutting (both lapped and grinded) and straight bevel gear sets with Gleason cutting.
The technical staff can provide support for developing new projects and for optimizing existing ones.

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